Answer All The Questions

Automatic pulling plate:

1. The filter plate can be automatically opened one by one, cake unloading and labor saving.

2. It is especially suitable for occasions with poor environment. The operators are relatively far away from the site and have less time.

3. The plate pulling time and slag unloading delay are adjustable by the time relay.

4. Compared with manual operation, there is slightly more possibility of failure.

5. It is suitable for filter presses of larger models.

Manual pulling plate:

1. Two people are required to pull and move the filter plate on both sides of the machine at the same time to realize cake unloading, which is laborious.

2. The plate pulling time and slag unloading time can be controlled by workers (speed and pause), flexible and free.

3. If the handling of materials has an impact on the operator, it is not suitable to use manual pulling plate.

4. The probability of faults and problems is almost zero.

5. Considering the labor intensity, it is suitable for small filter press.